Working Papers
  • “Democratisation or Repression?” The Role of Economic Clout side-project paper
  • Undemocratic Regime Types and Immunisation Against Extremism thesis-based paper
  • Homo Sovieticus or Homo Economicus? Measuring the Impact of Indoctrination and Welfare Redistribution on the Vote for Communism in Russia thesis-based paper
  • Authoritarian Rule and Party System Fragmentation (with Elias Dinas and Ksenia Northmore-Ball)
  • Rent-Seeking and Public Investment Choices (with André Azevedo Alves)
Book Chapter
  • Azevedo Alves, André, and Catarina Leão. “Controlo Democrático do Orçamento.” In Orçamento, Economia e Democracia: Uma Proposta de Arquitectura Institicional, edited by Abel Mateus, 271-296. Lisbon: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2018. PDF
Publication (non-peer reviewed)
  • Leão, Catarina, “About Tradition in Karl Popper: Does a Popperian Open Society require a grounding in a Shared Tradition?”, Nova Cidadania, Spring 2014, no. 52.

Research Interests: Political Economy, Comparative Government, Autocratic Regimes and Legacies,
Rational Choice, Quantitative Methods.