Book Project

Autocratic Legacies and Immunisation Against Extremism: A Rational Choice Approach

How do legacies of autocratic regimes shape post-transitional voting in extremist parties, through the existence or absence of self-interest linkages between the former regime and the general population?

Rubens, Peter Paul. The Battle of the Amazons. 1615, Oil on wood.

How do legacies of former autocratic regimes shape contemporary extremism?
My book project attempts to demonstrate that different top-down policy strategies by autocratic incumbents aimed at building support by establishing links of self-interested dependence with the general population will have long-lasting impacts after transitions to democracy, particularly shaping the landscape of extremism in contemporary party systems. I use a rational choice theoretical framework to explain the impact of authoritarian legacies on extremism in contemporary party systems.

This book project is the result of my doctoral thesis that is being developed in a manuscript format. Theory and empirical chapters can be sent upon request.